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Magic Signs by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: You display five brass chips with different ESP-symbols. The backs of the chips are blank.Spread out the chips face up on the table and ask a spectator to THINK of one symbol. He doesn’t mention it just think of it.

Now, you collect the chips in your hand and sign one of them on it’s back. It is your prediction. You mix them and place them on the table again, face up.For the very first time, the spectator mentions wh’ch symbol he was thinking of. You take up the actual chip and place it in his open palm. He turns over the remaining chips on the table. They are all blank.When he turns over the selected chip in his hand, IT IS THE MARKED ONE!! Your prediction was right!

A very strong effect. It’s really “clean” and no force is involved.

“Magic Signs” is an ESP chip routine involving quite a different principle. Five chips are used, each bearing one of the standard Zener testing symbols. A spectator thinks of any one of the symbols, while the performer initials the underside of one of the chips with a felt pen. Yes. the signed chips turns out to be the same sign the spectator has mentally chosen.

The gimmick is simple and workable. The manuscript offers notes on variations in handling, and you will certainly think of others. Complete with chips, gimmick and instructions.

(Phil Goldstein – Genii Magazine, June 1985)
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