Lotto Vision by Scott Imler

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Effect: Scott Imler’s Lotto Vision is a powerful new close-up routine that will both amaze and entertain your audience!

Give a spectator the chance to win at the Lottery!

Display a small container, which holds 52 small 1/4 inch “lottery balls” and a “lottery machine” to choose the winning ticket. The machine consists of a small clear box with all 52 cards printed on the bottom in a grid pattern and a metal plate with 52 holes drilled into it. The holes line up with the 52 printed cards when the plate is lowered into the box. Show that all of the balls will pass through the holes. A card is freely chosen and placed face down on the table. Introduce the Power Ball, which is slightly larger than all the others and will not pass through the holes in the plate. The spectator mixes the Power Ball with the other balls by shaking the container. Once satisfied, he pours all the balls onto the plate within the box, where they randomly come to rest within the holes. Raise the plate and all the balls drop with the exception of the large Power Ball, which now rests over one randomly selected hole.

The spectator lifts the ball to read the card underneath it. Let’s say it is the 4 of Hearts. The spectator turns his card over to reveal the 4 of Hearts – the winning ticket!

You end clean, instantly reset, and may repeat the effect with a different card. Here are some key points:

  • Lotto Vision can be repeated with another selection. This allows you to perform the trick again if asked.
  • Lotto Vision requires almost no sleight of hand. It only requires that you remember a few simple steps.
  • You can replace the playing cards with corporate logos, restaurant names, etc. You are only limited by your imagination and your local printer.
  • The metal plate is not magnetic in any way. It is made of a stainless steel alloy
  • The spectator handles all of the items throughout the routine.
  • Resets takes just a few seconds!

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