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Hang ‘Em High – Video by Bob Sheets

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This is my all time favorite rope trick.  Really amazing and easy to do.

Effect: The greatest “WALKING THROUGH A ROPE” you’ll ever see ! The rope just MELTS through your middle without the aid of special boxes, covers or cabinets. It just MELTS through ! Two spectators from the audience are used to pull the rope right through your middle, and they will be just as stunned as the audience. This fooler will have tremendous impact on an audience because it seems IMPOSSIBLE !

Not only do you get the incredible Rope Thru Body and all of it’s jokes and handling. You also get performance tips and routines for Insomnia, the Idiot’s Rope Trick, and a Killer Cards Across routine! Hey, you’ll have a whole act just from this DVD….Hang ‘Em High!

What People Are Saying:

“I was at the end of my rope until Bob showed [me] my new favorite routine.”
– Chester (Gunsmoke)

“Forget the routine, I want the jokes…” 
– Terry Lunceford

“Now I have a sawing-in-half illusion that I can Carry Anywhere!”
– P.T. Selbit

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Approx. Price: $30.00 (2004) ***

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