Lisa’s Lock by Ray Piatt

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Effect: The perfect utility item for one-on-one encounters: psychic fairs, table-hopping, bartending, café work, business meetings, luncheon dates, TV work, press interviews, wherever people gather. Display a combination lock. Instead of numbers, it has “letters.” Very convenient, because once it has been set for a 3, 4 or 5 letter word or name, it’s easy to remember the combination. Also on the table are 7 white vinyl cards – business card size (2-inches X 3.5-inches).

Explain that the cards contain various female names, which you have written on them. They will not be shown, so as not to influence your spectators. Remove the cards and deal them (name sides down so they can not be seen), requesting a spectator to freely select any one of the cards. Once done, place the selected card on top of the packet. Now, explain that your spectator selected the name by impulse, not knowing before hand what the names were. Ask the spectator to dial any female names on the lock (just to try a few by chance), but the lock does not open.

Hand the selected card to your spectator, being revealed for the first time. The spectator dials this name on the secured lock, gives a tug and, sure enough the lock opens! The names on the other cards may be applied to the lock. Of course, none of them will open the lock!

Lisa’s Lock comes with a set of special white vinyl cards and a wet erase pen for rewording the cards anytime you wish.

  • No switches!
  • No devices!
  • No wallets!
  • No card cases!
  • No sleights!
  • No boxes!
  • The effect works automatically!

Powerful magic that is sure to be a favorite.

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (2006) ***

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