Jewel (Original Version) by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: On stage is a lovely wooden jewel chest, containing 5 drawstring bags. Says the performer: ” We are fascinated by jewelry for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is the artistry inherent in its creation, its value, and, generally, the emotional impact that attaches, often as the result of its association with an important event. I have placed jive such pieces, valuable beyond words not because of any precious metal or jewels, but because of a well remembered affiliation with a loved one in my life. Spectators are invited to remove one bag each, discreetly, so neither the performer nor anyone else knows which bag is chosen. This being done, the spectators are invited to stand at their seats. “Each of you shoudd now peek into the bag, ” says the perform er, “viewing its contents, but revealing them to no one. Use your imagination – try and sense what the particular jewelry might have meant to someone. Say nothing,, but concentrate on the object. ” Turning to any one of the five spectators, the performer says: “The year was 1843, a distant uncle had just made the perilous trek West to pursue rumors that California was made of gold. Less than six months later, he returned home having lost: all but several dollars, one of which he kept till he died.. It stayed in the family. And, in fact, is now inside the bag you are holding in your hand. ” The spectator opens the bag and shows that you are correct. Each of the spectators participates in a similar fashion – each time the performer identifies, with unerring accuracy, the contents of the bag.

Here are some variations on the theme:

  1. Use five keys (to a locked chest or to an automobile) for a spectacular “Five Keys to Baldpate” routine.
  2. For a one-on-one presentation, have the spectator remove any number of bags and place them in his pocket without looking at the contents. You immediately tell him how many bags he took and what is in them!

Jewel takes pseudo psychometry to the next level. And, listen to this:

  • No external electronics,
  • no transmitters/receivers,
  • no bodyloads,
  • no sleights.

The happy result of six years of development and hundreds of hours of careful craftsmanship is an effect you will treasure and that you will use. Its no wonder we call it Jewel.

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