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Chaplin’s Candle by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: Perhaps it is overreaching a bit to name this after one of the great comic actors of all times. On the other hand, this extraordinary bit of business is as funny and attractive as you want to make it. It is, indeed Chaplinesque in its scope and concept. We’ll give you one scenario but, as you must imagine, the possibilities are unlimited.

Assume, for example, you are doing a bill to wallet routine. A twenty dollar bill is borrowed, sealed in an envelope and placed in full view of the audience, fortuitously close to an attractive candle in a candlestick. As the performer and spectator step forward to discuss the matter, the candle begins to upstage the performer by wobbling slightly. Increasingly, it leans back and forth, perilously close to the bill. Finally, it topples, the flame landing directly beneath the envelope and igniting it. It’s a wonderful bit of business that transforms a mere trick into true entertainment. The possibilities: card to orange, burnt and restored handkerchief, etc. This may be one of the funniest and most useful piece of utility apparatus you’ll ever own.

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1 review for Chaplin’s Candle by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    A great bit of Comedy for any bill routine

    There are many types of candle on the market where the candle moves and burns the bill without the performer realising. This one from Collector’s Workshop is one of the better ones I have owned. It is very easy to reset, and the movement of the candle is not just slowly towards the bill. It actually moves away from the bill for a while too. The clockwork motor is silent. One of bonus with this version is that it uses a regular candle, so its easy to replace.

    I like this prop!

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