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Mysterious Ring Cabinet by Magic Wagon

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Effect: This is a beautiful miniature illusion which works nothing like Kenard’s Mystery Box, or Vienna Magic’s Ring Tower. The method has been completely re-designed and now works with any type and style of ring.

The performer shows a small cabinet on all sides. The top lid is removed and the front and back doors are also opened, so the spectator can see right through the cabinet. The performer then displays a mini magic wand, hands it to the spectator and asks them to put their ring onto the wand.

Now, the wand along with a spectator’s ring is placed through the slots on top of the cabinet and the lid replaced. Both doors are then closed and the wand is removed, allowing the ring to fall to the bottom of the cabinet. The wand is once again shown to be perfectly solid and inserted back into the cabinet. With a wave of the hand, both doors are again opened to show the spectator’s ring has magically risen from the floor of the cabinet and is now seen resting on the center of the wand!

The wand can be immediately removed and the ring is allowed to slide down the wand and fall off into the awaiting hand. It is a wonderful and mystifying effect.

Each cabinet has been delicately hand-crafted of genuine teak. The magic wand is made of solid brass and is plated with 24K gold. This is the very first item from Magic Wagon to feature a pure 24 karat gold-plating technique.

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Approx. Price: $325.00 (2012) ***

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