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Futour by Bazar de Magia

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Effect: Write a prediction, take a deck of cards from your pocket and ask a spectator to select a card. The spectator places the selected inside her pocket. Explain that in order to divine the card, you must time travel into the future. Ask the spectator to remove her watch and hand it to you. You never touch the watch itself, but hold only the band. Ask the spectator to look at the time and memorize it. Place the watch on top of the card case. After traveling into the future and returning, you open the prediction which matches the chosen card. The spectator herself picks up her watch and finds that it is a few hours ahead!

You do not touch the watch at any time, nor do you manipulate it in any way. Only the strap of the watch is held! The effect is performed with the spectator’s watch! The watch is always in full view! Totally self-contained! Excellent for any performer, whether professional or amateur-! A new concept, never before used in magic! Many presentation possibilities! You receive a new and diabolical gimmick, which can be hidden in the card case. The gimmick may also be used inside a book, notepad, diary, briefcase, etc

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1 review for Futour by Bazar de Magia

  1. Andy Martin

    Clever, Quiet and Different

    This is a great gimmick that causes a spectator’s watch to move forward in time very quickly. The gimmick is almost totally silent and fits neatly into a card case.

    I don’t know how this works, but it is very cool to watch! The only problem I’ve found with it is that the placement of the watch on the card case is important and if you don’t get it close enough to the center of the gimmick, nothing happens. And of course that is not as impressive!

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