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Four Seasons Obelisk by Magic Wagon

Another great mentalism item from Magic Wagon.

Approx. Price: $165.00 (02/2013) ***

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1 review for Four Seasons Obelisk by Magic Wagon

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Another Unique Beauty from Magic Wagon

    Good to see the Magic Wagon guys are continuing to produce small runs of amazing items. This beautiful piece is no exception. It really is hard to fault Magic Wagon items for their beauty and quality finish.

    This is a simple effect where the audience puts the Obelisk into the box with any side facing up, whilst the magician is turned away. The magician then places it into the bag after showing his hands empty. Despite the apparent fairness the magician can reveal which season is face-up.

    The method of detection takes a little bit of practice and is nothing amazing in itself, but it gets the job done and if you actually perform this sort of collectible magic then you will be fine. The issue I have with it is that you have to take the box back to place it in the bag, if you were really being fair they would place the box inside the bag and then hand you the bag. If I was to perform this I’d spend a little longer with the props and quickly realize that you could easily get them to place the box inside the bag and only then give you the bag, and still be able to determine the season. In many ways once the box is inside the bag the heat is off of you because it now seems impossible to get a glimpse or anything else. I think anyone who has purchased this prop and hasn’t just placed it neatly in their collection could quickly see how it is possible and easier to do this way.

    Clearly these props are not normal everyday items and for many that is a deal breaker. But if you collect fine quality magic you need look no further than the Magic Wagon and their latest effects.

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