Pea Picker Pea Can by Ireland Magic Company

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The earliest version of ht Pea Can effect I can find shows up in an ad for Kanter’s Magic Shop c. 1939 called Midget Pea Can by Bjorklund

Effect: A little jewel of a pea can for the man who wants the finest. Made of polished brass to look like a miniature can of peas, complete with green and white label. A good capacity load. If you don’t know the effect – a tiny can of peas is shown and poured into the spectator’s hand. He puts them back into the can and again they are poured out. The third time they are poured out, a big change has taken place and there is surprise, laughter, fun, all around.

This is the kind of trick they bring their friends over to have sprung on them – a reputation maker.

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