European Spirit Clock Dial by Gard Modern Magic Studio

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This effect was most likely invented by the Philip Breslaw c. 1777.  There are at least three versions involving threads, electricity and weights.  Most of the versions created today use a self-contained gimmick in the dial itself, making them easy to pick-up and perform at any time during the act.

Wow the quality on this is amazing.  Works smoothly every time too.  All the way from the Czech Republic. Talk about Old World quality! This is easily the most robust, reliable, and elegant Spirit Clock Dial I have seen.

Effect: The magician displays a clear plastic disc with large numbers printed on it and a silver arrow in the middle as if it was a clock. The magician removes the hand from the clock and brings a spectator up on stage. The spectator simply names any hour between one and 12 and the magician gives him the hand from the clock, requesting the spectator to insert it on the face of the clock and give it a spin. After several turns the hand stops exactly at the hour named by the spectator!

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