Dragon Domino Prediction by Fantasma

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This is another wonderful item from the Fantasma Asian Line. I am not sure of the origination of principle used for this effect, but I’ve owned the same basic effect with props from Alan Warner, Wild Magic, and others.

I like this version of the effect because it uses real dominoes, that are ungimmicked.

Effect: The effect is simple and clean: the spectator mixes the dominoes and lays them out in domino fashion and each time you predict what the two end dominoes will be. The method is easy to do, but not easy to figure out and the prediction you make can be different every time. In fact, you could easily do this effect 3 times in a row, each time predicting a different outcome as they mix and lay out all of the dominoes. For the finale you could even be blindfolded and still determine the final outcome, without seeing or touching the dominoes.

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