Merrill’s Psychedelic Premonition by R.D. Merrill

(c. 1967,1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

I am not sure of the origination of principle used for this effect, but I’ve owned the same basic effect with props from Alan Warner, Wild Magic, and others. This version from Dal Merrill is certainly the oldest version I have seen, but I am not sure who first created this principle.

Dal based this idea on a Domino Prediction he created before this similar to this item.  The psychedelic colors make it sure to stand out from the crowd!

Effect: Spectator receives from performer a packet of several cards, these are scattered on the table so that all can see that each card is a different color on both sides. Spectator then picks up any card of his choice and holding it in his hand begins to stacking the cards, color to color, until all cards are stacked in hand. The performer can look into the eyes of the spectator and “using subliminal forcing” announce the two colors or he can merely write the prediction and fold it and place it openly on a table near the spectator. Yes, this can be repeated over and over and is always 100% fool proof and self working.

Text Source: Gary Frank, Fantastic Magic Company, Inc.

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