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Dracula Book Test V2.0 by James L. Clark

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James L. Clark-Note that James L. Clark has previously used Dracula as a Book Test, but with a different method (and a different cover). This 270-page Flashback book is nicely designed with professional layout and typesetting. Full front and back cover, spine labeling, ISBN, and bar code all add to make it appear like any normal trade store book.

The text is mostly Bram Stoker with careful editing to insert Flashback words. The words are integrated into the text, not just added in the right place, so the sentences make sense. The Peek words are second from last on the odd page, and are related word pairs to the participant’s word. Most of the pairs are standard opposites like “up/down” and “more/less,” but some are not quite intuitive and have to be memorized, such as “back/affront,” and “cheerful/miserable.”

Effect: The best selling book test we’ve ever stocked was The Dracula Book Test, and we have high expectations that The Dracula Book Test 2.0 will greatly outsell the original! Get ready to create a miracle!

3 years ago, James L. Clark wanted to design a book test that could be handed out and read cover to cover without any gaff or coding being detected. We’re pleased to say that he stayed true to that with version 2.0! You can literally sit down and read The Dracula Book Test 2.0 just like any normal book.

Here’s the effect: Choose a spectator to help you out. There is no funny business here. You can feel free to choose anyone to help. Hand Dracula over to them. They can feel free to flip through it, pass it around, or otherwise have it examined. It looks like any other ordinary book! It even comes with its own ISBN!

Ask your spectator to flip the book and stop on any page. They can change page numbers if they want, but once they’ve committed to a page number, you are immediately able to call out the first word on that page!

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