Magnetic Slates (#1 of 25) by Chazpro

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Effect: This limited edition set of magnetic spirit slates, are handcrafted from quality hardwoods by an expert artisan. The natural finish highlights the wood’s beautiful grains, knots and other natural features. The precision machined metal flap fits perfectly and is easily transferred from the nonmagnetic slate to the magnetic one, thanks to beveled inner edges.

This set is extremely limited. We have produced only 1O sets so far, with a goal of producing a maximum of 25. The set includes two wooden slates, one metal flap, custom storage bag, chalk and instructions.

If you are unfamiliar with Spirit Slates, they are generally used in seance or spirit type magic, where a ghostly message appears on slates that were previously shown to not have any messages. Often the performer puts a piece of chalk between two blank slates and when they are shown again, a message has appeared.

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