Divining Stick by Ton Onosaka

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Based on an idea by the New York group of magicians including: Dai Vernon, Dr. Jaks, and Martin Gardner known as the Friday Night Sodality called The Ruler that was published in The Phoenix December 1951.

Effect: Ton Onosaka’s version improves on the original idea. The stick is very nicely made out of molded plastic, with six ESP symbols printed across the top. Included with the kit are a set of six cards with the same symbols, with specially printed marked backs. The combinatory routine is obvious: the spectator is allowed to toy with the stick, and examine the cards. The cards are mixed, one freely chosen and placed aside, unviewed. The spectator now tries the stick procedure again, and his/her hands come together at the very symbol found to be on the chosen card.

It’s a strong routine, as so much happens in the spectator’s own hands.

Text Source: Phil Goldstein – Genii Magazine (Vo. 52, No. 12, June 1989)

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