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Cola Monte by Ton Onosaka

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Effect: A superb stand-up routine with a surprise double climax. Two large boards are shown, one with a can of Coke, and one with a can of Pepsi. On the reverse of each is an identical glass of cola. A magical ‘taste test’ takes place, where the boards are slowly turned so the glasses are facing the audience, and they have to guess where the Coke is. They are never right, so you place down the Pepsi board and just hold the Coke so they can’t fail this time!

But when you turn around the board, the Coke has turned int a bottle of Orange Juice. As a final baffler, the board is now turned around to show the glass of cola has also changed into a glass of Orange Juice.

All fully self-contained, great patter possibilities, lots of audience participation, packs flat, plays BIG!

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2007) ***

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