Digital Prediction by Juan Mayoral

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Effect: This is one of the finest and strongest mentalism effects you will ever witness. Hand a large sealed envelope to a spectator to hold. Ask the spectator to think of any three cities in the world. Cities that in some way would be important to them. Have them name the three cities out loud for everyone to hear. Explain that traditionally, magicians made their predictions on paper. But, in today’s world, things have changed. Explain that your voice is inside the envelope and that it will simply and succinctly name the three chosen cities. The spectator opens the sealed envelope.

Inside is another envelope inside of which is a small digital recorder. When the PLAY button is pressed, your voice is heard clearly naming the three chosen cities. The digital recorder is offered to all the audience members, so they can see for themselves that there are no other messages recorded and that simply by pressing PLAY, the recorded voice will name the chosen cities over and over! Of course, you could have any three items as your prediction: colors, numbers, types of cars, etc.

YOU ARE ALWAYS 100% CORRECT, and remember you never touch the recorder during your entire show. Never!!! Always under your control by way of a micro control that is worn on your body and totally undetectable. You can perform a complete stage and illusion show with no worries.

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