Telepathic Leds by Juan Mayoral

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This was invented by Juan Mayoral c. 1997.

Effect: Bring out three LEDs and a small, round, flat battery. By touching the two wires of each LED to the battery, the LEDs light up. One LED is green; the other two are red. Place the three LEDs on the table and ask the spectators to keep their eyes on the green LED. Mix the LEDs up, as in Three Card Monte.

No matter how hard the spectators try, they are unable to, keep track of the green LED. Even when they are absolutely, positively sure which is which, they are wrong! Finally, all three LEDs change to red and then all three change to green!! A delightful routine! And really easy to do!

In addition to this routine, Juan includes several others, including a very interesting Seven Keys To Baldpate routine! You get ten LEDs, the battery and full instructions.

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