Clair-Voyance by Harries, Goran Klyve

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This effect was created by the Swedish Amateur Mentalist and Stage Magician Goran Klyve c. 1986. Goran started working for Harries c. 1985 and has created a number of effects for Harries. But it seems awfully like Bob Mason’s Clear-Voyance c. 1971.

Effect: A remarkable piece of apparatus that can be used in many ways. To be perfectly frank, it enables you to perform that most important of all principles in mentalism, ONE AHEAD but, you do it without having to force anything. Clair-voyance does the hard work for you. And you don’t have to cover it or make any phoney moves! Everything is open and above board, yet, you get hold of their recorded thoughts as easy as pie. The apparatus is easy to handle and requires no sleight of hand whatsoever. Beautifully made in sparkling clear plastic. Work it completely surrounded. Suitable for close-up. platform, or stage.

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