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The Card Clock by Franz Bieman

(c. 1985) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: This is the classic Dial-X but taken to an entirely new level. Precision made apparatus with an incredible four phase routine that would fool any magician familiar with the standard effect!

Stage 1:
A disc of plastic is shown to have a central brass hub into which is fitted a removable pointer. Six cards are placed face up around the disc and, while the magicians back is turned, the pointer is turned towards one of the cards. The pointer is then removed, and the central hub is spun around before the magician turns around. Only then does the magician insert the pointer and name the chosen card.

Stage 2:
This is the same as Stage 1 except that the cards are dealt face down and the magician still names the card.

Stage 3:
As Stage 2 except that before the magician turns around the face down cards are exchanged with each other around the ‘clock’. The correct card is named after the usual procedure of the magican reinserting the pointer and giving it one full turn of the ‘clock’.

Stage 4:
This stage of the effect is the one that you have been working towards. Properly performed it will ‘kill’ all theories as to how the effect could possibly be done. It starts out like the other Stages the cards are laid out face down and the pointer is turned whilst the back is turned, the chosen card is looked at and exchanged with any other of the cards. More cards around the clock may be exchanged and the pointer is removed before spinning the central hub and then the disc itself is picked up and turned around on the table! Despite all these ‘precautions’ by the audience the magician is still able to turn around and find the chosen card.


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