Dial-X by Tricks Co.

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The original version of Dial-X was of course invented by U.F. Grant and Schuyler Reynolds, and there have been many copies over the years.  It was even patented, but because the patent expired in 1970 legally and probably ethically there is no reason not to make copies.

This version by Japan’s Tricks Co., looks and works fine, however I prefer the transparent original and found this version to be a little stiffer than Grants’ version.

Effect:  Magician shows a small plastic dial 2″ square having numbers 1 to 12 printed on it. A small plastic hand in the center is set on any one of the numbers while the magician’s back is turned and then set back to neutral so he could not possibly know what number had been selected. But immediately, you are able to reveal the correct number.

No amount of examination will reveal the secret. Can be done in the dark or genuinely blindfolded. This is a rip snorter of a pocket trick. You’ll be crazy about it.


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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2020) ***

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