Astrology – The Hidden Force (Incredi-Book) by Sam Schwartz

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Mr. Schwartz has also created many mental effects, the most remarkable of which is a book test titled Astrology: The Hidden Force. More than 18 different effects were built into one book on astrology.

Effect: Finally, “Astrology, The Hidden Force” has arrived. We now go on record as saying that it is indeed an incredible piece of work. We sell many book tests, and many of them are excellent But no matter how many book tests you may already own, you are going to want “Astrology, The Hidden Force.” For within this one book are built not one, but multiple tests. We counted eighteen different effects and probably missed some. “Astrology, The Hidden Force” is the brainchild of Sam Schwartz, with some assistance from Karl Fulves. Mr. Schwartz has gone to an amazing amount of trouble to create this fabulous tool for mentalists. The book takes the form of a hardcover volume on astrology. It can be closely examined without giving up one of its many secrets. It can be read from beginning to end, it makes perfect sense and there is no repeated text Here is just a sample of the things it will do:

Under a number of seemingly fair procedures a spectator chooses a random word from the book. The mentalist accurately divines the word without knowledge of page numbers or having anything written down.
A randomly chosen word can be predicted.
The spectator’s astrological sign and exact birth date are unknowingly transmitted to,the mentalist by the spectator during a successful word test! This information can be used in an extraordinarily powerful manner.

“Astrology, The Hidden Force” itself is a nice production, printed on heavy paper in an attractive, leather-textured hard binding. The publishers have done something especially nice here. They could have sold this test easily as one book for the price asked. But they supply two copies of “Astrology, The Hidden Force” with each set, one bound in red, the other in black. So a choice of volumes can be offered. Or save the second copy as a backup or mint copy while using the first as a “worker.”

Another wonderful feature of this test is that it comes with a 57-page booklet of instructions and routines. Karl Fulves has authored this clear text, explaining the numerous, extremely clever principles built into this book. He also includes alternative handlings and presentations to various tests, plus further applications of the principles encompassed in “Astrology, The Hidden Force” for other mental tests. This is an exceptionally shrewd bit of psychological mentalism that has many possibilities, especially for mentalists. We are thoroughly impressed with work from conception to production. You get the two variant copies of the book plus the 57-page instruction manual.

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