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Aromatic Divination (Color Chip) by Louis Gaynor

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Hand made from FIVE special natural woods:

  • Aromatic Cedar (a wonderful aroma)
  • Hard Rock Maple
  • American Walnut
  • Bird’s Eye Maple
  • Pine

Effect: The magician states he is going to try and exercise in ESP using four different colored casino chips along with a ordinary box composed of four beautiful hardwoods (crafted by none other then Louie Gaynor). The box has a sliding tray that, when opened, reveals four circular holes. The magi instructs the spectator to place the different colored chips, as they choose inside the unit, and when finished slide the tray firmly shut. (NOTE: Before the spectators execute this task, the magician either turns his back or leaves the room completely.)

At the performers desire, he is able to divine exactly the order the chips were placed.

A good performer knows timing…. When to make a revelation is just as important as how the revelation is made. This unique principle puts you in the drivers seat and when you realize that various different objects can be employed, the routines are endless. For example, not only will you know the exact sequential relationship of certain coins, but you can also reveal if they are “heads” or “tails” — either on the bottom side of the box or top!

The unit is simply elegant and beautiful. The craftsmanship is as good as it could ever be. While the photos illustrate this, only until the tactile handing is employed will you really know the true extent of this treasure both in construction and it’s ability to give you information in the most diabolic and unique method. You will truly posses “X-Ray” vision!


  • No Magnets!
  • The coins and/or poker chips are ordinary in every way.
  • No Electronics!
  • Use Silver Dollars, Japanese Coins, Tokens, (or anything that will fit in the try) as well!
  • You will love and cherish this unique item.

Each unit comes with the colored poker chips, and is personally stamped and signed by Louie Gaynor.

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2011) ***

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1 review for Aromatic Divination (Color Chip) by Louis Gaynor

  1. Greg

    A Classic Just Got Classier

    Mr. Gaynor has a reputation to maintain, and he’s done it here with this re-invention of a classic ESP effect. The method used to divulge the order of the chips (or coins, or other similar objects), is not new. What’s new is the beautiful care put into this version of an old and classic trick.

    The craftsmanship is second-to-none, and the workings are as smooth as can be. I wouldn’t have titled it "Aromatic" necessarily, as wood will dry out after awhile, and the aroma will be less-evident. But the dynamic coloring from the premium woods used in this piece make for an impressive, and workable design.

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