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Gun Smoke by John Yeager, Jimmy King, U.F. Grant

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Originated and Developed by John Yeager and Jimmy King and released by U. F. Grant c. 1964.

Effect: A truly sensational effect! This realistic Six Shooter Detective Type Pistol, when fired, shoots out a streak of fire several feet into the air, bursting into a cloud of smoke. Just seems uncanny! For better than shooting 22*s, or using fire or flash wands, etc. We send you the pistol, ammunition, and extras and tell you what to use to make your own ammunition, so you don’t have to buy any high priced refills.

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Approx. Price: $95.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Gun Smoke by John Yeager, Jimmy King, U.F. Grant

  1. Andy Martin

    Goodnight! There is a hole in the carpet!

    Well I got this from my good friend Ron Allesi and loaded this baby up.

    Then pulled the trigger and a huge flying bomb came out the end burning a great hole in the carpet! Wow! Why do men want to play with fire so much? If used properly this could be huge, just don’t point it at the carpet!

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