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Modernistic Amputation by Abbott’s, U.F. Grant, Recil Bordner

(c. 1940) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: A Super Sensational Illusionette! One of the most baffling Effects that has ever made its appearance in magical circles for over fifty years. This has actually baffled every magician that has ever seen it. Russell Swann and Walter Harris saw a pre-view of this masterpiece and agreed that it was the most unusual piece of Modern Magical Deception of all

A modernistic cabinet, as pictured, with open front with the exception of a small section at the very center. ANYONE from the AUDIENCE steps forward and rolls their sleeve back and places their arm into the cabinet where it remains in full view during the entire procedure. Please note right here that there are no fakes or extra hands employed-the person’s actual arm stays in full view; at all times Next two SOLID blades the width of the cabinet are passed for examination and these same two blades are visibly pushed right down through the center section of the cabinet, completely filling every inch of space of the width of the cabinet. NOW, to the utter amazement of all (magicians included) the small doors at front and rear of center section where the blades have been pushed through are opened and the CENTER PORTION OF THE VICTIM’S ARM HAS COMPLETELY VANISHED. Still you see the arm on one side of the blades and the wrist and hand on the other side. Victim is still able to move his fingers and hand. Magician looks right through the cabinet from the rear, through the space where the arm is missing. For those who think there are mirrors used, the magician breaks down that theory by pushing his own hand and arm through the very space where arm is missing. A committee is allowed to come up and examine this space and place their arms through. The victim that has had his arm in the cabinet will also be unable to explain this strange occurance. In other words, you have the same effect as the girl without a middle, and you do not use any fake hands or arms and can work it any place on anv table, or across the backs of any chairs, with the audience all around you and right up close.

Magician removes blades and allows person to pull his arm out, none the worse for taking a major part in the strange operation. Audience see him remove his arm. it never leaves their sight for one fraction of a second.

We can safely say, as did Russell Swann, “Marvelous – Unbelievable.” No time or expense has been spared to make this outfit in workmanship and appearance in keeping with its wonderful principle. So clever that the magician himself when working it will marvel at how real the effect seems, even to him. A most beautiful paint .ioh in modernistic style, combined with the highest art in cabinet construction. Complete in special wood carrying case, for your convenience. Nothing to set up or get ready. Walk in any room, remove from case and work it. THE GREATEST ILLUSIONETTE OF ALL TIMES. A Feature for Club. Stage, or Drawing Room. At $100.00 this wouH be a real buy. You know Abbott Value and we have priced the Modernistic Amputation within the reach of all. Rush your order today.

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Approx. Price: $600.00 (2008) ***

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