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The Wacky Worm by Chance Wolf

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Effect: The performer explains how he learned to be a magician by reading books. A large (12″ wide by 14″ tall), colorful, wooden cut-out of a book is displayed as a representation of one of the magicians magic books. While talking about the magic of reading, the magicians new friend, “the Wacky Worm” pops into view, peeking over the top of the book. The fun begins as the magician talks while the worm keeps peeking up and dropping back behind the book every time the magician tries to catch him. The kids see him, the magician doesn’t.

Finally the Wacky Worm decides to stay in view and performs some magic. The magician displays three flat colored “balls” and has one selected from the audience. The balls are mixed, then dropped into the book. The worm drops back into the book, peeks up a few times, then finally comes up with the chosen ball in his mouth. The kids scream with delight. The magic continues as. the magician has a card freely selected, placed back in the deck, then drops the deck into the book. The worm drops back into the book, peeks up a few times, then finally comes up with the card in his mouth. The Wacky Worm drops back down then comes back up for a bow.

Text Source: David Oliver, Genii Magazine (Vol. 68, No. 8, August 2005)

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1 review for The Wacky Worm by Chance Wolf

  1. Eddie Medrano

    The Wacky Worm

    If you don’t have any of Wolf’s Magic yet, this is a great piece to start off with….It is a steal!!! Easy to work with. Sooo many story lines that you can follow. Workmanship is bulletproof and the graphics are just beautiful. Alll of Wolf’s Magic is just Amazing!!!! Chance and Shelley know what customer service is supposed to be. It is a great Company to buy from. Please support them as much as you can. Superb trick at a great price. Buy this trik!!!!

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