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Un-Cola by U.F. Grant, Mak Magic

(c. 1966) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Dust off the old school speller. It seems that Mr. Magish needs a spelling lesson. He’s mixed up his blocks-they don’t spell a thing. The performer shows a tube just large enough to hold 4 blocks, and states he knows how to spell ‘Coke’, really. He puts the blocks in the tube in any order, trying to spell ‘Coke’. K-OC-E, O-K-E-C, nothing works. Then the performer inserts the slide in front of the tube.

Up to this time, all the blocks have been in view as they went in the tube. Up comes the slide. The letters have rearranged themselves to spell C-OK-E. The slide goes back in, and the famous magic word is spoken. ZA-ZOOM, off comes the tube, vanish go the blocks, and there is a FULL SIZE BOTTLE OF COKE. Real and unopened.

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Approx. Price: $92.00 (2002) ***

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