Devil’s Canister by Mak Magic

(c. 1948,1976) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

First marketed by U.F. Grant c. 1948.

Effect: The Devil’s Canister really opens up an entirely new field of magic for those who do not use an assistant Thru it, you are able to gain possession of borrowed rings, bills, messages etc., to be reproduced later in a nest of boxes or any other way.

We will say, for example, that you want to work a dramatic bill effect . You toss a lit match into the Devil ‘s Canister and real flames shoot up and fill the whole interior. Now any spectator takes out a bill, notes the serial number, and THEY DROP IT INTO THE FIRE, where it is consumed in flames. You than remove a sealed envelope from your pocket, tear it open and REMOVE THE SPECTATOR ‘S ORIGINAL BILL! They verify the serial number It IS the original bill.

Spectators may drop their own rings, coins, etc., into the flames and you have immediate possession of them to reproduce a moment later WONDERFUL FOR MIND READING!

A spectator writes a question on a piece of paper and drops it into the flames. You immediately answer the question without any stalling. With each canister we supply you with a manuscript of TWENTY GOOD TRICKS which you can work with it.

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