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Tray O’ Doom by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: This is a wonderful prop that looks the part. Our new chalice is the best version we have made to date. It has a magnetic base to hold the chalice together before it takes its tumble.

The effect is (as if you did not know) the magician explains about the chalice and how important it is historically.  It was Alexander Herrmann’s than passed on to Kellar and then Thurston etc. until it finally ended up with you.  A borrowed watch (or whatever fits the effect) is placed in the chalice and given to a spectator to hold on the beautiful tray.  In a few seconds (controlled by a setting) the tray falls apart and the chalice hits the ground breaking into pieces!   This is hilarious magic at its best.

You are supplied with a special tray, break-apart chalice and complete instructions.

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Approx. Price: $695.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Tray O’ Doom by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    This is a great comedy piece from Collector’s Workshop.

    Basically, the very ornate family heirloom tray and goblet is handed to the spectator and a few moments later the tray collapses and the goblet breaks apart and falls to the floor – much to the shock and horror of the performer!

    If you had the original version of this effect you might have been dissappointed because of the strange noise the tray makes. Well George Robinson has fixed that now with a whole new mechanism that is 100% silent – just the way it should be. Now this little baby is exactly the way you expect it to be. A sheer delight to perform, and hilarious for the audience! As an added bonus it is now possible to change the time it takes before the tray collapses.

    Great job George – keep those refinements coming!

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