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Tossed Point Blank by Ted Amberg

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Effect: A jumbo deck of cards is introduced and a card chosen. The deck is wrapped up in “magic silk handkerchief” (toilet paper) and the magician prepares to toss a huge menacing blade at the spectator from twenty feet. Unwilling to cooperate, the roles are reversed and the blade is now aimed at the performer (now also un-willing to cooperate!) A few more funny twist and gags and the card is indeed found using the huge blade. This gem of a comedy magic performing piece is a definite reputation builder. Comes complete with all the props and a complete 7-minute comedy routine. It packs light and plays big from a small room, to a large theater!!

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2 reviews for Tossed Point Blank by Ted Amberg

  1. Andy Martin

    Large Knife and Very Entertaining

    This is a simple idea but dressed up to entertain. It bascially has an audience member pushing the huge hunting knife into the deck and cutting to their card. However, the routine is very funny and its very effective.

  2. Anonymous

    excellent routine

    i love this routine and have been using it for years. It plays really well for most audiences. It creates serious tension in the room when it is being performed and is very memorable.

    i get about 6 minutes out of it.

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