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Three Ropes and a Baby by Richard Sanders

(c. 1996) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Trick Straight from the professional repertoire of Canada’s magicians, comes an astonishing rope routine, framed by the classic “Professor’s Nightmare”, and developed over the years by regular use and refinement! Three Ropes and a Baby is extraordinary magic, featuring 6 stunning visual phases and the diabolical techniques you need to accomplish them! You will learn… “The See-Saw Switch “The Unhook Move “The End Exchange “Ends Across “Static Cling “Center Piece “The Loop Move “AND MUCH MORE! If you are looking for a way to turn your Professor’s Nightmare routine into a real show-stopper, then look no further! Comes complete with The Camirand Academy’s own trick, supple, gleaming white Elite Magician’s Rope, and a 36 page instruction booklet, written by David Archer, with over 100 photographs detailing every move!

Camirand Academy offers two items from the professional repertoire of the very clever Richard Sanders. “Three Ropes and a Baby” is a multi-phase rope routine which has as its starting point the popular (and unfortunately, now often exposed) “Professor’s Nightmare.” The Sanders routine is a synthesis of ideas from many people, including Slydini, Aldo Colombini, and George Sands. I didn’t find anything earth-shakingly new here, but it is a tight and commercial routine. I was a little disappointed that the presentation included was so bland (the patter merely tells the spectators what they are seeing), and the presentation has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the title. However, if you don’t already have a three rope routine in your repertoire, this one would be an excellent choice. The instructions are very clear and are accompanied by 106 photographs. The necessary ropes are also included.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, August 1997)
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