Snake Bouquet by Karrell Fox

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These were originally invented by Karrell Fox.  They were first reelased by Max Andrews in London as their Vampire Snake Bouquet c. 1951. They were then made and sold by Supreme Magic c. 1975.  When Supreme closed  down c. 1993 Richard Hughes at Hughes Magic took over as the exclusive manufacturer for Karrell and has continued to make them ever since.

Effect: Another great idea from the fertile mind of the late Karrell Fox. Made under an exclusive agreement with Karrell. Performer produces a large bouquet of flowers which he starts to hand to his on-stage assistant. As he does, suddenly two large spring snakes fly out of the bouquet. Produced from silks or taken from a table. The possibilities are endless.

Snakes are cloth, yes cloth, covered. the bouquet is about 12” x 12” spread upon production. Snakes are under your control at all times. You can aim for direct hits, near misses, or just general pandemonium.This could very well be the next classic prop for kid show magic.

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