Much Ado About Something by Karrell Fox

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Details: Excerpt from the Book – The Introduction

“Well, here we go again. It’s hard for me to realize that my first book Kornfidentially Yours was written and published over fifty years ago. And according to Magic Inc (Jay and Frances) it’s still a good seller. Well, it’s nine books later, and I’m still saying that everything in this book is useable. It has all been audience tested by me (personally) and is guaranteed to be commercial, and all of the effects are easy to do. If you have any of my previous books you know that I don’t waste space with long-winded explanations. I give as much information as you need to do the trick and leave plenty of room for you to add your own ideas and original twists to the effect.

I use a lot of snapshots for two reasons. Number one, because you (my readers) have asked for them and number two, because the main thing I’ve gotten from this wonderful profession/hobby is the many lasting friendships it has given me. I wish for you the same luck.

“Enough of this rambling. Go ahead and enjoy the book, and may your dreams be touched by magic.” – Karrell Fox

Contents (from book ToC): 

9 The Desert Fox (Marvyn Roy)
11 Foreword (Joe Stevens)
12 Introduction

14 Watch Closely 
14 Foxy Foldup
16 Slapdown Coin Vanish
18 Gold-Dust
20 A Pin And Pencil Set
21 A Dollar Matched
23 Pinch Coin Vanish
24 Medicine Man
26 Fantom Fire
28 Hinge-Enious Coin
29 Sympathetic Coins

32 Take Anyone You Like 
32 Stabracadabra
34 See The Marks
35 Your Card Is
36 For Good Measure
38 Here’s Looking At You
39 Three More Reasons To Do “Out Of This World”
41 There It Is
43 Karrell’s Kard Schtick
45 Sizable Card Revelation
47 Fox’s Fabulous Fickle Finger Force
48 Unmarked Deck
49 Sloppy Fox Roll Over
51 Unfaked Card To Wallet

54 That’s What You Think 
54 ATS Book Test
56 SealedStab Prediction
57 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
59 The Envelope Please
61 Dream Girls
64 The Cereal Killer
66 A Bottomless Prediction

68 Konjuring For Kids 
68 The Hare Tare
70 The Super-Simple Coin Wand
72 Unfinished Palette
74 The Static Tie
76 Willie The Worm
78 Traffic-Trick
80 Hows Ticks?

83 Tricks Of The Trades 
83 Take Your Pick
84 The Topper
86 Producing The Product
88 It’s In The Bag
90 Flashy Logo
94 Applause Sign

98 ETC 
98 Jet Settings
100 Heart Smart
101 Proper Dropper
103 A “Handy Exercise”
104 Family Album
106 The Bag Table
108 “The Secret Six”

114 On Stage 
114 Lucky Fox
116 “When AH Else Fails” Rope
118 Embarrassed Medal
120 Tissue Color
121 Scissrope
122 Splitting-Hares
124 At The End Of My Rope
126 Over The Rainbow Blendo
128 Actual Selected, Card In Balloon
130 A “Cheep” Trick
132 Fox Passes The Salt
134 Never Say “Dye”
136 Stringaring
138 An Uplifting Miracle
139 Silk To Egg Tip
140 Color Pop
142 Peek-A-Boo
144 Right Off The Top Of Your Head
145 Confusin’ Confetti
147 Cardician Blendo Revisited
150 Blendo Trio
152 The “Presto-Change-O” Tube
154 “A and P” Card In Balloon””’”!”
156 Karrell s Korny Komments Silks
158 Don’t Miss Your “Cue”

162 Parting Thots 
162 Good Advice
163 The Fat Lady Sings 
164 Appendix

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg
  • Pages: 164
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 1995
  • Binding: hardbound

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