Ring Ring Ring A Bell by Pro Magic

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Effect: After the Success of Terry Herbert’s Tels Bell Pro-Magic, the maker of Tels Bell, brings you the NEW SET OF BELLS! RING…RING…RING A BELL is a set of bells that look exactly like Tel’s Bell, BUT gives you different comedy situations. With the new Bells, you will be able to create amazing comedy routines, running gags and boost your act to the next level.

  • BELL 1 – FALL AWAY BELL: Show the bell and give it to the volunteer to ring. It is a normal bell and the volunteer can ring it as many as they want. When are ready, ask your volunteer to ring it ONE MORE TIME. As he does, the bell’s head will fall down on a string… leaving him with a FUNNY looking bell in hand.
  • BELL 2 – BREAK AWAY BELL: Show the Bell, ring it, and give it to the volunteer to hold. As you do, it will break in lis hands. Just like the Classic Break Away Wand… we bring you the Break Away bell.
  • BELL 3 – REVERSE TEL’S BELL: Jhow the Bell and give it to the volunteer to ring… He can ring it as many times’ le likes. When he will hand you the bell… You will NOT be able to ring it. This is a REVERSE effect of the Tel’s Bell. Great use after you have used the Original Tel’s tell… when you can ring it and the spectator cannot… Now, you can have the specator ring the bell and you will not be able to. Repeat it as many times as you want!

The 3 bell set looks and feels exactly like the original Tel’s Bell. Use them as a set, or change between them during your show to create multiple gags throughout your show. RING…RING…RING A BELL… comes complete with 3 Bells, instructions.

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