Magic Interactive by Haim Goldenberg

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Effect: The Professional Magician`s Edition A new concept in magic, Haim Goldberg`s innovative multimedia CD-ROM interacts between the real and the virtual world.With the Magic Interactive CD-Rom you will captivate and amaze your audience with magic from the next generation. There is no need for special props, sleight-of-hand or complex presentations. Mind reading, virtual cards, interactive magic and extraordinary revelations are just a few of the incredible effects possible. Magic Interactive applies to all types of magicians, whether you perform with a personal computer or as part of a presentation using a screen projector. The results will knock your audiences` socks off!This is not computer trickery! The magic really happens and your audience will be flabbergasted. Includes the following effects:Mental Draw Horoscope Shake the Card Calculator, Scanner ESP Test Crystal Watch the Time Blow the Candles Muneros “34” Timer Magic Interactive was introduced for the first time at the100th anniversary of the SAM convention in NY and received raving reviews from all, including “News Week” magazine. Macintosh and PC compatible CD-Rom

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