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Mish-Mash Card by Harry Anderson

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Know what I like about Harry Anderson’s tricks. They’re not just tricks. They’re complete performance routines. You can buy them and learn them and add them to your act and be proud to perform them. Such is the case with Harry’s Mish-Mash Card. Bring out the over-sized Mish-Mash Card. Ask a spectator to think of one of the many cards shown on the Mish-Mash Card. Free choice. Just think of one.

Display a large manila envelope. Explain that you have a prediction card inside the envelope. Just one card. Ask the audience if they would be amazed if Her Card were inside the envelope. Sure they would! Bring the card out. There, in big letters are the words HER CARD. (If you do it with a guy, the card will say HIS CARD). A big laugh!

Ask the spectator to name her card. Flip open the prediction card to reveal her selected card!! A great finish!

Mish-Mash Card plays big. You can use it in a living room or a Las Vegas showroom. It fits in the bottom of your suitcase. And, it gives you five minutes of solid entertainment. It’s easy to do. It will fool them. It comes with all the patter (both Harry Anderson’s and Martin Lewis’). Very well made.

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