Egg Bag by Tannen’s, Jack Miller

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The Classic Egg Bag in it’s many forms has been around since as least as long ago as 1584 when it was first reported by Prevost.  I used to perform it as a teenager – I remember performing it as a show and tell at school one time, and actually broke the egg! Good times 🙂  The routine I used was straight from Bruce Elliot’s masterful work: Classic Secrets of Magic c. 1953.  This is what Bruce has to say in his introduction to Chapter 7: The Egg Bag, Well Done:

MODERN magicians-performing as they must in circumstances which make it most difficult for the performer, in that certain nightclubs have the audience all around the magician- have returned to an old classic of magic, the egg bag. The reason this trick is perfect for the magician is that it is angle-proof. It can be performed no matter what the circumstances. The audience could, as far as the trick is concerned, be all around, under, and on top of the magician, and still not see a thing.

The prop itself, physically, takes up almost no room, which again is an advantage in these days when a performer must consider the problem of excess baggage on planes.

In the days before these new problems arose the trick had become a classic for the simple reason that it was both entertaining and baffling. It was well enough thought of so that the titans of magicdom have all given it a featured spot in their presentations.

Which is as true today as it was almost 70 years ago!  This bag is from Tannen’s and came with Jack Miller’s entertaining routine.

Effect: Magic, Mystery and Laughs all rolled into one with this time tested routine of Jack Miller’s. Something NEW in the routine, something NEW in the gimmick, something NEW in the bag, something NEW for you!

For many, many years this routine has been the high spot in Jack Miller’s act, a routine that has stopped shows, baffling public and magicians alike.

From the start, when three eggs are produced one at a time, each time the bag shown empty, to the apparent “expose” smash finish, this routine is a laugh and applause getter.

While this routine has taken many years to fully develop, it can be yours in a matter of minutes thanks to the fully explained instructions and clearly illustrated moves that are matched with the patter and explanations.

If you have wanted to do the Egg Bag but have been stumped for the right routine, this is for you. If you are already doing the standard Egg Bag routine, the Jack Miller method will add something new to your act for repeat dates.

One of the classic tricks in magic routined in the modern manner.

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