Milk Pitcher (Crystal Cut) by Tannen’s

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The Milk Jug or Milk Pitcher was co-invented in Britain by Louis Nikola and Roy Enoc c. 1917. It was not invented by prolific author and inventor Peter Warlock as mentioned in the 1976 Owen’s catalog, which certainly seems very plausible but is inaccurate.

This is one of the best value milk pitchers available. My favorite is still the Owen’s one but it is almost 10 times the price, and the audience probably won’t notice any difference!

Effect: Show a 2 quart milk pitcher Filled with milk. Form an unprepared sheet of newspaper into a cone. Now pour almost the entire pitcher of milk into the cone. Nothing too amazing, — Right! So you CRUMBLE the cone with milk inside into a ball!! The milk has Vanished into thin (or heavy) air.

Crystal cut design is extremely deceptive. Holds 2 quarts. Entirely Self-Contained Unit. Probably the best milk pitcher on the market for the price. This 9-inch tall pitcher holds more milk than you need. It’s so deceptive looking…it’s hard to believe! Constructed of crystal cut Lucite. A great utilitarian and professional prop.

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Approx. Price: $35.95 (1993) ***

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