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Z Frame by Magic Wagon, Simon Corneille

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Effect: From the inventive genius of Mr. Simon Corneille comes a great mini illusion and a visual fooler!

A beautiful “photo frame” containing a playing card is displayed. The performer then removes the back panel, takes out the card in full view and asks a spectator to either sign or tear off a corner of the card. As this is done, the spectator can see right thru the empty wooden frame. Now, the performer openly inserts the card back into the frame, replaces the back panel and with absolutely no hesitation, pulls the middle section out to the side, visibly cutting the card into thirds! The frame is then shown on both sides proving that the card is truly “zig-zagged”! The middle section is then pushed back and the card is removed and handed to the spectator as a souvenir.

  • The card can be signed and the signature remains in full view at all the time!
  • There are no angle restrictions and the photo frame can be shown on both sides when the magic happens!
  • The mechanism was cleverly designed that the effect can be immediately repeated and the see-through aspect made the effect seems absolutely impossible!

The Z Frame measures approximately 15cms wide by 17.5cms tall and 1cms deep and has been beautifully handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with beautiful inlay work and a lightly distressed oil finish. The gimmick inside the frame is completely handcrafted of brass and was specifically made for this effect. The window has also been painstakingly hand-sanded to enhance the illusion and make it appear slightly “aged”.

Due to the method used, this effect is best performed a few feet away from the audience.

Special thanks to Mr. John M. Talbot for coming up with the name for this effect.

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Approx. Price: $275.00 (2015) ***

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