Which Wand by Kent Bergmann

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Effect: The routine revolves around a magicians performance misfortunes and the magic wands are to blame.  The performer introduces a small display stand, the stage, with a wand case for storing, and transporting, the truly magical wands.

The magician has no problem during rehearsal as all goes well with his blue, red and green wands.  The performer removes the wand case from the stage and opens it up to dump out the three colored wands.  The red wand is selected for the big performance and packed it the case to go to the show.  It is now the magicians turn to perform and announces to the audience that he will introduce his magical red wand to perform an effect beyond belief.  As the wand case is opened to remove the red wand, the magician is stunned to see that it is not the red wand he had used with success in rehearsal, but a yellow wand that he has no idea how it got there.  The red wand is nowhere to be found.  The magician is embarrassed and cannot perform and is laughed off the stage.

The magician goes through successful rehearsals with the wands he now has, blue, green and yellow.  Choosing the blue wand to take to the show and redeem himself with an unbelievable performance.  The magician opens the wand case to reveal the blue . . .ah . . . oh, oh . . . orange wand?  Once again he is laughed off the stage because he is unable to perform without the blue wand he successfully rehearsed with.

The magician must be jinxed as the third time is indeed . . . not a charm.  The green wand used so well in rehearsal was called upon at the next show only to have an unfamiliar purple wand make an appearance.  Once again a disastrous result at the show, and once again laughed off the stage.  

All of the original three colored wands (blue, red and green) are replaced by three new wands (yellow, orange and purple)

The magician has to figure out how to make things work as the renegade wands are causing him to be unable to perform his wonderful magic.  He figured it out . . . he will rehearse to incorporate all of the three new wands for a grand performance and then will laugh with success, and . . .the magician will not have to be nervous as to Which Wand will appear next.  The magician packs the three wands to go to the show.  The magician takes the stage to perform the biggest, most unbelievable effect ever seen.  The magician knows that nothing can go wrong this time.  He opens the case, with confidence, to remove the wands that he has rehearsed so well with . . . only to see that the magical wands did indeed get the last laugh. . .

The performer empties the wand case to reveal . . . the wands did it to him again.  The three new wands have vanished and this time a larger multicolored wand (all six colors) is standing on end at center stage taking all of the applause from the crowd.

The wand case is handcrafted in zebrawood.  The decorative wand on the front of the wand case is created with wenge and zebrawood all with a natural, oil-rubbed finish.  The wand case measures approximately 3.25” x 1.75” x 1.125”.  The “stage” measures approximately 5.75” x 3.75” x .75”.  Small hand painted wands measures approximately 2” long and the larger hand painted multi-colored finale wand measures approximately 2.5” long.

NOTE: The wands may be interchanged to any color combination you desire.

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