Tablet of Secrets by Kent Bergmann

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Effect: A decorated covered wooden tiered display pedestal and a decorated wooden drawer box are presented.

The routine involves the legend of the Lost Library of Alexandria and how this great library was originally inventoried with nearly 700,000 scrolls and 100,000 tablets. By decree, all residents and visitors to the city were required to surrender all tablets, books and scrolls in their possession; these writings were then copied by official scribes. The originals were put into the Library, and the copies were delivered back to the unsuspecting owners.

The story continues about a wise magician that had a tablet containing all of his lifelong secrets. Being very cautious, he had built a hidden shrine for his tablet. Unfortunately the shrine was discovered and his tablet was confiscated to be copied for the great library.

The performer removes the decorated cover to reveal the tablet lying on the display pedestal. The tablet is removed and the cover replaced. It is then explained that because of the great number of literary works confiscated, the original works were to be logged and safely filed away in a guarded vault until they had finally gotten to them to copy. The performer then opens the lined drawer box, the “vault”, and places the tablet in the drawer and then the “vault” is closed.

The day had come for the scribes to duplicate the magician’s tablet, when they had gotten to the vault to retrieve the tablet they had found that it was missing. The performer opens the “vault” to reveal an empty drawer. Little did they know, the magician, again being very cautious, did not want his secrets revealed for anyone to see, so he had placed a magical spell on the tablet so that it would always return to its rightful place . . . in his possession. The performer then removes the decorated display cover again to reveal that the tablet has returned safely to the tiered display pedestal.

The decorated cover, the tiered display pedestal and the decorated drawer box are all handcrafted in zebrawood with a natural, oil-rubbed finish. The tiered display pedestal with the decorated cover on it measures approximately 3” x 3” x 3”. The drawer box measures approximately 2.75” x 2.25” x 1”.

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