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Wandering Mummy by Francois Danis

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In 2005, the talented young Frenchman François Danis created the first of his three versions: Wandering Mummy (2005), Wandering Mummy II (2007) and most recently his adorable Mini Wandering Mummy (2017).  François also created an effect based on Dr. Weyeneth’s “Vanishing Mummy” called The Cat of Raskhenotep (2009).

Effect: Two sarcophagi are shown. One has a mummy inside, the other does not. The story revolves around the way the Egyptians used to guard against ‘grave robbers’ which were prevalent at that time. The mummy is placed into one sarcophagus and the lid closed; When the grave robbers broke into the sarcophagus for the Pharaoh’s treasure which was always buried with him, they found nothing … and left empty-handed. The mummy was of course safe and sound in the other sarcophagus!

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2 reviews for Wandering Mummy by Francois Danis

  1. Doug King

    Two Thumbs Up!

    Francois is fast becoming another Alan Warner type builder. His wooden Egyptian-themed pieces are very well made and absolutely beautiful! The Wandering Mummies was the only the first of his creations to add to my collection. Nicely done… and stores in a nice wooden, decorated case. I’ve added several more of his crafted pieces since this one. Each piece is hand numbered, dated, and signed. If you see one… get it! Once his name gets out, and collectors begin to admire and appreciate his work… these pieces will become quite sought-after.

  2. Richard Garriott

    A Worthy Mummy

    I am a collector of period and contemporary mummy effects.
    I have all of the nice pices that Francois Danis makes.
    This one in particular is a nice working or display piece!

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