Vision Box by Joao Miranda

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Yet another, very cool looking, signed card to small little box. I still think I prefer the opaque wooden style of John Kennedy’s mystery box, but if I was going to go with a clear box this one in particular looks very effective. Easy to do and multiple handlings are explained in the online video.

Effect: This effect is so transparent, that no one will believe it! Vision Box is an amazing utility prop that allows the magician or mentalist to perform a totally invisible switch, right under the nose of the spectators. With it the spectators clearly see the folded piece being removed from the box, without any suspicious moves and in the cleanest way possible.

Key Points regarding Vision Box:

  • After the switch the box is totally examinable.
  • The switch is extremely clean; visual. No clue as to the switch.
  • The piece that is inside the box is a 3D piece, making the illusion much more real
  • Nothing to ditch
  • Small, compact box
  • You can still perform a shuttle pass with Vision Box, being perfect if the spectators are extremely close to the magician

You can perform Vision Box with any cards, bills or papers.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2017) ***

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