Tricks With Chips by Erhard Liebenow

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Tricks With Chips is a series of tricks by Erhard Liebenow of Germany. It was first published by Werry (Werner Geissler) in his Die Magische Welt magazine and the copyright was then purchased by Supreme Magic Company c. 1969.

Effect: Here’s the prize-winning routine that has been featured at the Continental Conventions by Erhard Liebenow (Mr. Magic). Not just a trick but six brilliant effects blended into one smooth routine. A sequence which you can perform without difficult sleight-of-hand or skill. One trick follows the other, the whole building up to a really stunning climax.

Three black chips and one red are placed out in the form of a square. One is covered by a Jumbo card, – one at a time, the three chips are placed under the cloth, they penetrate right through and appear under the card. All the chips can be shown on both sides.

Two chips, one red on both sides, one black on both sides miraculously change places even in a spectator’s hand. Again both sides on each chip are shown. This is clever magic, with no small loose covers to push on or off, and it’s SO easy to do.

A red chip is placed on one side of a Jumbo card, one on the other. Suddenly, and very surprisingly, the chips change, – the red one passes through to the back of the card and the black one passes up to the face! A really beautiful effect to watch.

Two chips, one red and one black and a handkerchief which can be borrowed are the properties used here, and yet a bewildering vanish and re-appearance takes place.

A small white cover is shown, then two red chips are placed under it. A third red chip is placed between two black ones, so you do not even have to touch the chips with your fingers. Suddenly the red chip has vanished. There it is, in the cap between the other two !

A tremendous finish to a routine. Four red chips and one black chip are shown on both sides. One at a time the four red chips change to become BLACK on both sides. The original black chip is pushed through the cloth on the table and changes to red,’ and simultaneously the four black chips on the table, also change to red!

ALL this great magic is fully detailed in the pages of a 16 – PAGE PRINTED BOOK, profusely illustrated by Ken de Courcy. You are taken stage-by-stage through the various items. IT’S ALL SO EASY-TO-DO, AND HAS THE APPEARANCE OF FANTASTIC SLEIGHT-OF-HAND.

The printed book is not ALL you receive for also supplied are 15 SPECIAL CHIPS plus THREE BEAUTIFULLY-MADE FEKES, PLUS THE CHIP CAP, and EVEN A JUMBO CARD, so that you are all set to practice the various items and then to perform them to the delight of your audiences.

Tricks With Chips by Mr. Magic (Erhard Liebenow) is close-up for connoisseurs. Six startling effects, each complete in itself, following one after the other to form a tremendous Micro-Magic act. A complete routine which runs through extremely smoothly and which has a tremendous and surprising climax.

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