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Traffic Lite (Stop Lite Paddle) by Herald & Kohler Mfg., Tricks Co.

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As far as I can tell this is the same effect as Ian Adair’s wonderful Paddle Waggle. In addition, I believe this is was released as a Tricks. Co item Stop Lite Paddle and although the instructions clearly say Herald & Kohler I am unable any information about them.

Effect: Colored dots jump one at a time from collars onto a blank paddle, then all three colored dots jump off the paddle and assemble onto one collar.

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2009) ***

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1 review for Traffic Lite (Stop Lite Paddle) by Herald & Kohler Mfg., Tricks Co.

  1. Andy Martin

    My Favorite Paddle Effect

    This is a wonderful paddle routine. Even though there appear to be many changes the paddle and slides are not gimmicked per se, they just employ the paddle move. It’s really quite amazing to watch and very logical.

    I think this is actually a Tricks. Co. item, although the instructions say Herald & Kohler Mfg. It does look the same as an item I had a few years ago called Stop Lite Paddle. Either way, it is an amazing item.

    Highly Recommended if you can track one down!

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