The Truth Coin in Fine English Pewter by Brian Watson

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Effect: Brian Watson is arguably one of the last artisans in the art of magic. He has succeed where others have not because he has merged old-time methodolgy and materials with a contemporary style. The result has been a series of consecutive successes defined as both commercial as well as achieving international peer recognition. Examples of his commercial successes — only some of which — would include his Mental Logs Outdone, Bewitching Sticks, and his signature cups and balls. Items we at Stevens Magic are constantly having trouble keeping in stock, due to both demand and the fact they are NOT mass produced products (the very aspect that makes them all the more desirable). Examples of his peer recognition successes are many but recently include the Blackpool Magicians club choosing him to create their prestigious Murray Award.

Brian has now evolved his original Aletheia Coin and cast it from the same fine pewter that he has worked with so eloquently in the past to produce the new Truth Coin!

Now you can add an additional element to your “Which Hand” routine by divining “True” or “False” instead of heads or tails” A beautiful artifact with a hidden secret. The Truth Coin has been meticulously hand crafted in fine English pewter. It looks, feels and sounds like metal… because it is!

I have huge hands and Sixth Sense 3 can detect it from 4″ away! With the weight of a regular coin, it contains a powerful N50 for PK routines / which hand effects and routines etc. This opens up countless presentational possibilities only limited to your imagination…

Disclaimer: This item does NOT come with any detecting magnet. This is solely an accesory item and should only be purchased if you either already own a method (PK Ring or Magnetic Detector or Sixth Sense) or you are purchasing one at this time. There are NO instructions provided with this item as it’s similar to Kreis Super Strong Half Dollar.

Must Have Accessory for Sixth Sense 3.0! Not ONLY can you tell – in which hand the medallion is being held – you can ALSO divine the position (orientation) of the TRUE or FALSE!

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2019) ***

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