The Jar (US Version) by Kozmo, Garrett Thomas, Tokar

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Effect: The Jar is a versatile and organic switch box.  Why have a highly suspicious, magic gimmick on the table, when you can have an unassuming, plain old jar that is as diabolical as the craftiest of switch devices? T he jar and the item inside stay in sight the ENTIRE time of the performance. Completely inspectable and easy to do.

Rings, sugar packets, cards, coins, bills and more … can be switched to ANY small object. The Jar also allows for extremely visual coin penetrations and a Coins-Across routine. The Jar takes all the dirty work out of switching, and leaves your spectators in astounded disbelief.

The Jar comes complete with:

  • The Jar itself
  • In-depth instructions by Scott Tokay and Garrett Thomas on DVD with three killer routines
  • Special gimmick
  • Customized coin (available options in US, UK, and Euro).
  • Presentation, handling and method of confabulation routine (taught in tutorial) was created in full by Paul Romhany.

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2017) ***

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