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The Anniversary Waltz by Garrett Thomas, Doc Eason

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Effect: One of the most commercial card routines you will ever find! Perform this for any couple in love, and you will agree.

The lady points to any card and signs the face with the date of their anniversary (any anniversary). The signed card is left protruding face down in the bottom half of the deck. The gentleman points to any card in the upper half of the deck and signs its face. It is left out jogged from the top half. The two halves are assembled and the lady pushes the two separated cards flush. The gentleman holds the deck between his palms and thinks fondly of his lady. The two signed cards (signifying the two separate individuals) instantly jump together, adjacent to each other in the deck. The two lovers meet.

The two signed cards are again displayed and placed between the woman’s palms. She thinks fondly of him. The two signed cards magically fuse into a single card in her hands! The love between them has made the two as one.

This wonderful, magical card is presented to the couple as a life-long souvenir. Use any deck, we supply the download with two complete routines and a deck of special souvenir cards.

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