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Tarbell Orange Vase by Collectors’ Workshop

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These are made in Asian Mahogany, and when I first received this from my good friend George Robinson I don’t think I fully appreciated how cool it was. Contrary to what some are saying on the internet, these are made perfectly in George’s shop, but sadly this version has also been copied over the years by others both in India and Sri Lanka. The finish on the copies is not as shiny or as smooth and if you think you are getting the same thing from elsewhere for less think again, it is not the same and I’ll stick with the original version built here in the USA by George Robinson and his team.

When I received from George I remember thinking it was just a “fancy ball vase”! Well it is way more!

Great Job George!

Effect: The basic routine is:

  • You show the Vase
  • Remove the lid and show the orange which you then remove
  • This orange multiplies into two oranges
  • And then an orange silk appears
  • You place the orange back in the vase and replace the lid
  • And when you lift the lid the orange has vanished too!

A really great routine which is surprisingly easy to do. Everything works beautifully and it looks amazing.

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Approx. Price: $495.00 (2012) ***

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2 reviews for Tarbell Orange Vase by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. sucahyo

    Real Collector Item

    I have one exactly like this! It is another winner from Viking, all in selected woods and I believe it will be extremely collectible in years to come.

  2. Tom Pearson


    George has done it again! I have all of his beautifully turned wood classics, and this one is absolutely perfect in my book. The oranges are really pieces of art in themselves, along with the vase. The Asian mahogany and George’s knowledge and application of finishes make this really a beautiful piece, just as are Viking/CW’s Ball Vases and Indian Cups. This is a wonderful Collector’s piece and you will enjoy performing it as well. I love it.

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